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If you would like to request modifications to current inserts listed on this site (such as Sunday-start weeklies, adding cut lines, re-sizing, etc.), please fill out the information below. 

For completely custom inserts that you would like me to design, please be as specific as possible with what you would like. Feel free to email me ( an image/sketch of your ideas. 

Pricing: Modifications will be the price of the insert as listed + $1.50 per insert ($2.00 for dated inserts). For example, changing the hours of the Hour-Weekly would cost $6.50 and requesting a Monday start for the 2021 Dated Monthly would be $9.00. Customs will vary in pricing but will be comparable to similar inserts on the site. 

Timing: Requests will be fulfilled within one week (7 days).

Payment: An invoice will be sent to the email that is indicated on the form below. Payment is due upon receipt and a separate email with the PDF of your custom/modified insert will be sent after payment is confirmed.

If you have any questions about Customs & Modifications, please send me an email before submitting a request.




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